Imagination Bag Complete Clay Modeling Learning Kit

Clay modeling is the best activity for kids at all ages, kids learn how to make Beautiful and meaningful  figure using supperdough while they improve their fine-motors, problem solving skills, self confidence and a lot more 

Easy steps by steps guide to make amazing figures and shapes 

Every figure can be made by one or more of the 12 basic shapes which are explained on the book

Kids can create any figure, shape, and sculpture , kids transform an idea from their imagination into 3D tangible shape 

our Clay Modeling bag is complete set with all  material and tools  needed to learn the basics of clay modeling, it includes 2 levels, level 1 and level 2, after completing both levels, the kids can make figures and shapes from their imagination

you can make unlimited colors by mixing 2 colors or more 

Superdough colors are vivid and vibrant that help making stunning figures with natural color and texture 

Using tools and accessories kids can add details and decorate their creations

The Bag has 2 Books, variety of  supperdough colors, modeling tools, and accessories to make more than 40 amazing figures, if you run of supperdough, you can order a refill pack .  

Once the figure is completed, you simply keep it exposed to air for a few hours and it will dry, no heat is required 

As a parent no need to worry, supperdough is mess-free and very safe for kids, millions of kids are using Supper dough around the globe

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